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Come nightfall, New York City becomes a dark, ethereal place. After the banality of the 9-to-5, six million souls have to let out their angst somehow: dancing, drinking, wandering. And with this urban lycanthropy comes the necessity for an appropriate set of tunes, glossy enough for the dance floor but retaining that sinister edge. Electronic-rock duo Lunic knows this quite well. As Gotham natives, they can’t help but make the city their muse.

Between Lunic’s two members—singer/multi-instrumentalist Kaitee Page and electric violinist Megan Berson—stretches an immense range of sounds, typical and otherwise. Berson, for example, plays a MIDI violin, an electronic instrument capable of producing whorls and whooshes in addition to your standard fiddle riff. Even though Lunic grounds itself in the type of high-production rock popularized by bands like Garbage and Metric, the technological risk-taking that defines the group’s 2009 debut, Lovethief, makes the night anthems all the more epic. This is even more true with regards to Lunic’s newer tracks, like “Moving On” (peep the video below). Over a driving, club-y synth line peppered with hints of that melancholy violin, Page vows to get over a breakup the way New Yorkers do: wearing skinny jeans and old sneakers, getting drunk and letting the nightlife work its magic. Other tracks, like the forlorn “Far Away” (featuring a chilling violin solo by Berson), tackle the immense loneliness that paradoxically strikes, even in a gigantic metropolis.

In addition to opening for the likes of Moby, Creed and Mindless Self Indulgence, Lunic has maintained a steady stream of headlining gigs in the tri-state area. But Lunic’s fans aren’t just local: Lovethief was funded completely by the band’s fans around the world, a demographic that will only grow with Lunic’s next LP, slated for a summer 2012 release.

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