Photo via Futurist’s Facebook

In the indie-rock hub of Brooklyn, NY, it can be hard to find a band that brings something new and exciting to the table. However, with its jangly folk sound and inventive costumes, Futurist is giving a whole new meaning to the term “art rock.”

After meeting at a Bjork concert in Colorado in 2007, frontman Curtis Peel and violinist Emily Holden instantly hit it off and made the decision to make music together. A year and one move to New York later, the band began working on its first recordings. Fast forward to 2011, and Futurist had secured its lineup and released its first record, War Is Yesterday.

In addition to creating an album that Peel has referred to as the band’s “personal form of propaganda,” Futurist has also created its own brand of interactive live performance. Incorporating the use of dance, costumes, lighting and audience participation, the band carefully coordinates something different for every performance to produce a unique and unforgettable show experience.

Furthering its distinguished and exciting approach to interactive collaborations, the band invited its fans to participate in its video shoot for “Blacksheep Army,” a guitar-heavy track laced with intricate violin lines and delicate vocals. The video features fans with painted faces donning military attire. It is essentially a tribute to the misfits, or the black sheep, giving them a place to express their faith in the unusual.

As black sheep themselves, the members of Futurist have developed somewhat of a cult following. But they’re ready to take their distinct music and performance out of Brooklyn and on to the next level. Until then, you can find them dressing up, having fun and drawing more fans into their mysterious world.

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