Lithuania may not scream “indie rock” to most. But in the northern Lithuanian city of Siauliai, referred to as “Lithuanian Manchester,” Colours Of Bubbles is creating approachable indie-country jangle that sounds straight out of Brooklyn or Brixton. Colours Of Bubbles is Julius Aleksovas on guitar and vocals, Simas Olechnavicius on drums, Jonas Sablickas on guitar, Tomas Grubliauskis on guitar, Paulius Trijonis on bass and vocals, and Mindaugas Bruzga on keyboard and mouthorgan. Together, they fuse musical worlds that some don’t see as compatible.

“Some people, especially from States, say to us that indie and country just don’t go together at all, that there are the red Jaguar guitar worlds and redneck worlds,” says Aleksovas. Statements like these don’t hold them back from creating cross-genre music, and doubters only inspire them to produce and play as much as possible in an effort to disprove the assumptions. Fellow Lithuanian bands, like the post-punk Bix and Lygiailyja and the Brit-pop-influenced Brainers and Axis, have tread this territory before and serve as inspiration for Colours Of Bubbles. “They were our older brothers,” says Aleksovas. “We have inherited their rehearsal places, and they now produce our records, so we are kind of carrying the torch onwards.”

Colours Of Bubbles has recently contributed music to a reopening of Adam Rapp’s play Finer Noble Gases at Šiauliai City Drama Theatre. The play is about isolated characters lost in early adulthood issues including pop culture and emotional pain.

“It is incongruous that we are contributing our music to a play originally set in the East Village of New York in late ’90s,” says Aleksovas. “However, some things in rock ‘n’ roll, the irony, the twist, the drive, the independent thinking, are universal and omnipresent in all times and lands.” The play opens at the end of March, and the band members are looking forward to their new roles as composers.

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