The Canadian fivesome prefers the studio and stage to day jobs. If it isn’t music then these guys aren’t interested: Words like “unfulfilled,” “pointless” “white noise” describe the workaday world in the band’s bio. calls its songs “the soundtrack to your life”—a bold claim but not one without merit. Still, it’s a pretty dark life. The songs are about alcohol transforming people into vampires (new TV show, CW?), color being drained from the world and love moving to a different solar system. “People always get me wrong,” sings Nate Daniels in “Golden Cup,” “I’m not angry-just bitter bitter bitter.” The music’s in key with these themes but not necessarily tone; songs like “Selfish” is mellow with it’s gentle melodies and twinkling keys, while “All These Colors” is bombastic through and through. The band’s reaching for an Arcade Fire level of musicianship on a sweeping, anthem-scale songs.

There’s a cinematic quality to the music, too. It wouldn’t be hard to picture the members of in some Hollywood editing suite, chopping up a soundtrack for Darren Aronofsky or the like. The key to this is Caitlin Grieve’s violin. From the outset, bandleader Daniels wanted strings. “When Nate heard Caitlin play he was reminded of certain independent films, movie trailers,” explains guitarist Dante Beradi. But the band wasn’t complete until it had a superb musician behind each instrument.

The band got its start when Daniels moved from Vancouver to Toronto. Then, making a go at music was getting pretty rough. He was just about to quit when, not unlike fellow Sonicbids Spotlight outfit HiFi Phantom, Daniels turned to Craigslist. A parade of potential band mates passed through his apartment. It’s worth mentioning that at this time there was a media panic in the United States over a man named Philip Markoff, aka ” The Craigslist Killer,” who robbed and murdered a woman he’d met through the website. Daniels was undeterred. He didn’t meet Drummer Matt Sullivan online, but at a Tim Hortons (think Canadian Dunkin’ Doughnuts).

Together Daniels and Sullivan recruited the rest of the band from Craigslist. They got the idea of calling themselves “The Craigslisters” but “[we] didn’t want anyone slapping us with restraining orders,” says Beradi.

Artists, submit for your own chance to be the Sonicbids Spotlight.