Venues Of Note

Since the city is very small, there are few pubs that hold rock concerts. There are only three underground clubs that regularly organize different rock and jazz music concerts, and these are Albion, Prohodnoy Dvor (Gin Do & Cotrabass) and 44 Jazz Cafe.


Photo taken from Albion's website

Albion is trying to revive the tradition of the old underground club Black Elephant. So, it is more focused on organizing rock concerts. At present, it is the only place that regularly organizes live rock concerts, inviting many bands from outside the country.

Prohodnoy Dvor (Gin Do & Cotrabass)

I suppose the only club that has a true underground design. It is especially known for holding theatre experimental performances.

44 Jazz Cafe

Photo taken from 44 Jazz Cafe's website

44 Jazz Cafe is obviously more orientated to organizing jazz music concerts and is far from the underground design. It is more about a relaxing atmosphere, the concept of good music with a good wine.

Other Options

Booz Time

Also there are some clubs that even though do not organize concerts by themselves, are usually preferred by many bands because of the large space and good sound. This includes the Booz Time club, Jam Live Sound club and Bier Platz, a typical German beer pub often preferred by different bands because of the good sound and the possibility to perform in front of a large public.