Post-Show Hangs



Photo via Tilt’s site

Tilt has been our regular “go-to” place after shows or on nights that we just want some drinks. The main selling point for Tilt is a gigantic collection of pinball machines (hence the name), arcade machine tables and shuffleboard. Most people go there for the shuffleboarding, but one has to be there early on a weekend night since the wait for an available table can be for hours if you’re really unlucky. It also has a really nice collection of draft beers (but the price of beer in Oslo is quite high compared to anywhere else). What most people don’t know, is that one of the arcade machines features one of the greatest games ever made, RASTAN. Inside tip: Try to challenge some people already playing shuffleboard—the sneakiest way to cut in line. Remember also to stock up on tokens for the arcade/pinball machines.

Mono And Surround

Mono – Flickr photo by dv_flick

Mono and Surround are two different bars with equally silly names managed by the same people right next to each other. When the night comes, they merge into one gigantic backyard (that we like to call Stereo) that is perfect for those hot summer nights. You head into Mono for beers and dancing, and you head into Surround for drinks and relaxing. Inside tip: Always go to the toilet at Surround.


When we are done drinking and the bars close, we all head to our favorite pizza/burger/kebab joint Marmaris. We have never eaten here sober, but we all agree that it might be one of the greatest places to eat when you are drunk. Inside tip: Get one of their pizzas with your friends (perfect for sharing) and remember to soak it in medium sauce.