Venues Of Note



Flickr photo by Martin Stabenfeldt

MIR is the bar/stage for a place in Oslo called Grünerløkka Lufthavn, a collective that houses both rehearsal spaces and artist studios for many prominent artists in Oslo. We’ve been so lucky to have played their stage multiple times, and the mood there is unique. There is only room for about 70-90 people there, so it’s always intimate, and you almost feel like you know every person there. They also have two foosball tables located in the basement and host the Norwegian championships in foosball. Too bad they most likely will have to shut their doors due to renovation in a couple of years. We will try to enjoy it as long as we can.


Photo via Sandermosen’s site

Sandermosen is an unoperated train station in the outskirts of Oslo in the middle of the woods. It is a cultural center and hosts debates, classical music and plays. The driving force behind the venue is Tore Haagensen who also lives there. He has contacts in the Norwegian rail service, so whenever there is an event there, he makes the train stop at the station, a cozy, social and environmentally friendly way of getting to the show. We hosted a show/BBQ there once, and it turned out to be one of the greatest experiences we’ve ever had in Oslo.


Photo via Revolver’s site

Revolver is the most “traditional” venue on our list. Based in the center of Oslo, it features an intimate basement venue and a restaurant by day, bar by night upstairs. It is usually a place where you meet someone you know, our own personal Cheers, and we’ve had many a drunken night spent either drinking or playing there (or both). Our drummer is unfortunately banned there because he let some girls play Lady Gaga when DJing after a show we played. Most of us still go there, though. We just don’t tell him.

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