Bands Worth Watching

The Uptights

Photo via the Uptights’s Facebook

The Uptights have both legs and arms placed in a saturated pool of tape hiss and noise, but underneath is a great sense of melody. Self-described as three not-so-young boys adhering to a strict dress code and a lo-fi approach to music, they record directly to cassette in their tiny rehearsal space and embrace the “limitations” of the format in full (but not in the early Wavves gimmicky kind of way (no offense to Wavves)). Their first release (currently working on their second), the tape At The Wörthersee Hotel, sounds like a mixture of modern no wave sprinkled with bits of ’90s emo and switches between full-blown rock-outs to soft acoustic noodles.


Photo via iampsyencefiction’s Facebook

iampsyenceficiton is the moniker of Aleksander Johansen. He takes the croonerism of Jeff Buckley and supercharges it into some of the most emotionally compelling music you’ve heard in some time. He released a wonderful cassette (yes, another cassette) on Siste Sukk Tapes And Records that expands beyond his shows, which are basically him with a guitar. It displays a more fully fledged sonic landscape, guitar intertwined with lush synth pads and creates a warm, almost nostalgic ambiance.


Photo via Sweden’s Facebook

Sweden takes one of our favorite things, nostalgia, and knits it into pure pop bliss. Core members have been a big part of many different important Oslo bands for many years but decided to join forces for the greater good. Mainly inspired by the great stream of indie pop from our neighboring country during the ’90s. Highly anthemic and sing-along friendly. Might also be one of Oslo’s best live bands for the time being.

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