Bands Worth Watching

Trap Door

Connor Shepard is a producer who we were introduced to when he was in a band with Simon (mine and Fiona’s younger brother) called Seductive Gaze. He did a track that really caught our ears a while back called Emotions, with Clara La San on vocal duties. It’s a really beautiful track with gently washing synths and chiming delayed guitars over a minimal beat with a rich meandering melody. He now plies his trade in Manchester, and we’re really excited to see where he’s going to go.


Neana is another producer who worked with Simon and is now creating some music that I would struggle to classify. He recently did a Boiler Room session and is DJing all over Europe at the moment, so the future seems really bright for him. He’s going to be releasing something on the so-cool-it-hurts label Night Slugs in the near future, which we’re looking forward to.


This is our brother Simon’s SoundCloud page. It’s a little saucerful of secrets.

Wild Beasts

I’m not sure we need to say anything about these chaps.

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