Venues Of Note

Middle East Upstairs

Dot Rats show flyer for Middle East Upstairs - Photo via Facebook

Dot Rats show flyer for Middle East Upstairs – Photo via Facebook

Cool place with good sound and delicious Middle Eastern food. Everyone that works here is easy-going and, more likely than not, in a band. Illegally Blind, a booking/promotion company run by Jason Trefts, books awesome shows there and has been helping to create a new space for local music since the house scene has been strained over the past year.

Great Scott


Great Scott – Photo via Facebook

This venue walks the line of being a place for national acts to swing through while touring, and local acts to do their thing. Because of that, it has great sound and the club carries a name in and of itself, meaning folks might just show up for the hell of it. Relaxed staff and very fun to play on a good bill.

All Asia Bar (R.I.P.)


All Asia Bar – Photo via Facebook

While many have ripped on the All Asia as being a not-so-great place to play, I think it served an important purpose among young people starting to play music. It was a starting point for many people, and an introduction to performing. It’s not great, but that’s why it’s great: there’s nothing at stake. Kids need a safe space to make and see music, and while All Asia wasn’t ideal, it did fulfill that need.

Post-Show Hangs

Regina Pizzeria


Regina Pizzeria – Photo via Yelp

Allston Pudding gave us $200 dollars in pizza gift cards when we played their Halloween show at Regina’s. So naturally our pre-show ritual is to gorge ourselves on pizza at Regina’s and then follow this by vomiting that very same pizza onto our audience. We like to give back to the fans. They’re open every night until midnight, and not only offer pizza but many variations of Italian food as well.