Bands Worth Watching

Lady Bones

A three-piece from New Hampshire that blends catchy hooks and melodies with sonic convulsions and freakouts to make for interesting pop songs. Their songs permeate sarcasm, neuroticism and quiet humor. While there’s only three of them, they’re sonically huge and accomplish this via a series of breaks and stops in their songs and, of course, volume.

Idiot Genes

Some nasty, gunky self-deprecating punk from Allston. Really catchy while still being raunchy, and feature some interesting guitar work by Kyle Cartland. We’ve played with them many a time and they destroyed it last week at Tasty Burger at Speedy Ortiz’s EP release show. Luh dem.


Sigh. I like this band so much we almost went as them for Halloween. For a bill that they were also on. They play introspective rock that’s constantly hopping into different time signatures, and yet still maintains a rhythm that you can nod your head to. Their jerky and neurotic dynamics match the singing style and subject matter that their singer, Jonah, usually covers. The lyrics are often rooted in philosophy, and their last EP pays homage to Dostoevsky Reads Hegel In Siberia And Bursts Into Tears. Needless to say, some smart guys making smart music.

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