Venues Of Note


Photo via Schubas Facebook page

Schubas is my favorite club in Chicago; not only do the book some of the best bands that come to town, but coming from a DIY-driven, house-show band, I love how cozy and intimate their live room is. They manage to capture the sound on stage in a really simple manner that doesn’t sound overly mixed or thought out, it just sounds good. Not to mention they have awesome food. And a bar we aren’t allowed to appreciate :P.


Feeltrip Trailer from Yum Yum Studios on Vimeo.

So from my artists’ descriptions, you may have an idea for why I think FeelTrip is so awesome. It’s hard to catch shows in this huge, used-to-be Chevy warehouse hang out now that they been busted a few times, but if you ever here of a show under the radar, make SURE you don’t miss it. This is the, hands down, coolest venue in Chicago. They have a huge paper mache cathead on a wall behind the bands, with light up eyes and whiskers, and a cigarette billowing smoke from its mouth… not to mention cheap drinks.

Animal Kingdom

I’m not gonna tell you much about Animal Kingdom for the sake of their continued operation, but this is one of the most active DIY venues left in Chicago, often doing multiple shows in their basement each weekend, and sometimes during the week. Some of the best bands in the city frequent this place, and the attitude and vibes here are always great and all-inclusive. It’s cramped, sweaty, and loud. Easily accessible. Not to mention our guitarist Clay just moved in there!

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