Bands Worth Watching

Some of you may not know that 311 hails from Omaha. Well, there you have it. But there are A TON of bands in Omaha, other than this small smattering. Some notables: Criteria, Icky Blossoms, Ladyfinger, See Through Dresses, Twinsmiths, Pro-Magnum, Oquoa, Pleasure Adapter, The Fucking Party.

The Faint

The Faint is a delightful band that have done some great albums over the years. You probably know all about ‘em; I only mention them as they are back at it again, working on new musics. I’m excited! So great to see Desaparecidos playing again as well—Ooh, they keep me young.

Simon Joyner

Simon Joyner is an Omaha institution. An Omaha music staple. He’s a modest man, so he may not like to think of himself as such, but he’s been putting out consistently good albums since I was a little shit teenager (and we’re basically the same age).

Digital Leather

I had the opportunity to do some shows with Digital Leather last summer and boy, they knocked my socks off. Great fuzzy, fucked up pop music. They’ve put out a handful of records, hot stuff.

Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy is one of my favorite songwriters. He records and performs under the moniker McCarthy Trenching. He doesn’t play around the country too much these days, so if you happen to be in Omaha, don’t miss him. He’s a true hoot, as well as a holler.

Noah’s Ark Was A Spaceship

Noah’s Ark Was A Spaceship is a great resurgence of the fuzzy ’90s. They release albums on Slumber Party Records, one of the many supportive labels around Omaha.

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