Venues Of Note



The Metro

Flickr photo via vxlr

The first time I understood the beauty of the rock ’n’ roll club, that most quintessential American form, I was standing on the floor at the Metro, and another human being was levitating over my head with the help of other loving human beings, and music was making that possible.

The Yellow Book Store

Photo via The Yellow Book Store's site

Later, up the road in Iowa City, I’d stumble across the equal beauty of the Do It Yourself’ers of the world, the space-crafters, the bookbinders, the cross-legged contemplators. Care. Community. The good stuff.


Flickr photo via 20 Letters

Last Halloween at Schubas, we played a set dressed up as ghosts who were dressed up poorly as humans. Like, ghosts that didn’t know how to make a good human costume, so it was just kind of awkward, with like sheets as our first layer, representing ghosts, and then human-specific accoutrements like neckties and baseball caps and wingtip shoes and tourists of Hawaii shirts, representing that the ghosts didn’t quite understand the essence of being human, but still they were trying pretty hard, and it was actually kind of impressive the amount of thought they’d put into what was at the heart of the experience of being human, even if the actual material cloth outcome wasn’t completely convincing to the humans they were interacting with at the human music club. Schubas made that possible.

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