Bands Worth Watching



Ovlov are a band from the other end of Connecticut, but they’re my favorite thing going on right now. I had fallen in love with the band after hearing their 2011 EP What’s So Great About The City and was blown away when they released their debut LP, AM, on Exploding In Sound Records earlier this year. They play a nasty blown-out Dinosaur Jr. version of punk. They’ve gotten louder every time I’ve seen them and I’ve heard more and more kids talk about them every time we go on tour. I’m really exited to see everything that comes together for them soon.

One Hundred Year Ocean

I probably need to say up front that One Hundred Year Ocean shares half of our band. It started as our guitar player/screamer Derrick’s solo project and has evolved into a 7-piece indie rock orchestra. They just released a new EP titled Where Were You While We Were Getting High on his own label Broken World Media.

Hostage Calm

I feel like I owe everything to Hostage Calm. The group started in 2007 as a hardcore band, dropping a demo that took the state and country by storm. In 2009, I was attending college with a lot of the band and they came into their own by crafting their own brand of aggressive pop influenced by everyone from The Clash to the Beach Boys.


Dagwood never leave Connecticut, which is a shame. I don’t really think these guys are seeking to do anything but release music, play some shows and make weird videos. Despite that, everything they’ve released so far has been great. Mid-tempo “pop punk” reminiscent of snottier Saves The Day. They also did a great cover of The Hell Song once.

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