Venues Of Note


La Maroquinerie

Villagers at La Maroquinerie - Photo by Christine Werthman

One of my favorite venues to play! As an audience member, I am always drawn in because the sound at this space is just so good. There is a delicious restaurant upstairs as well. So head out to this venue for a great concert followed by a delicious French meal with lots and lots of red wine.

Point Éphémère

Photo via Point Éphémère's site

This art space and venue may be a little tricky to find (I’m not the best with directions), but once you find this hidden gem, you’ll make it a point to go.

Post-Show Hang



Photo via Prescription's Facebook

All you’ll see is a black door, no name. Enter it and be pleasantly welcomed to the 1920s where you can sip on a gin fizz, Negroni or anything else you can think of. It’s a small place, so before you know it you’ll be mingling with everyone there.