Spider Bags "Frozen Letter"

In Scene Report, musicians from all over the globe fill us in on what’s going on sonically in their hometowns. This week, Dan McGee of Spider Bags lets us know what’s up in Raleigh­/Durham­/Chapel Hill, NC. Their new LP, Frozen Letter, is out next week via Merge.

I’ve been a rock and roller living in Carrboro, NC, for eight years now. Too many great times, great people and too much great music to mention in one sitting. Just off the top of my head:

There’s a ton going on in the Triangle (that’s Raleigh-­Durham-­Chapel Hill/Carrboro). There are great record stores (Bull City Records, All Day Records, Schoolkids Records, CD Alley) and some great places to buy gear and get it worked on (John’s Carrboro Music Shop, Bull City Sound).

Bunch of awesome venues, from gorgeous theaters and 800­-1000 capacity clubs to small spaces like Nightlight and Craig’s living room. There are great bands, big and small (Mount Moriah, the Love Language, Whatever Brains, JKutchma & The Five Fifths, Waumiss, Wesley Wolfe, a million more), all over.

Great indie record labels too: Paradise of Bachelors, Hot Releases and Churchkey are all here, and Odessa used to be before Paulie moved to Texas to hang with the Golden Boys. And of course Merge—our new home, king of the indies and keeper of the flame of all that’s Good and Right—is right in downtown Durham. They had their big 25th anniversary festival at Cat’s Cradle last weekend. Bananas.

There are of course some great bars in each town to have a post or pre-show drink, and there was also an old farm house out in the country somewhere that was called I Usually Get Paid To Do Other People’s Homework and they would have ’90s-style raves where everyone wore baggy pants and Dr. Seuss hats and sucked pacifiers and twirled glow sticks. The place burned down before I made it out there, but it’s the kind of weird shit that can happen in the country. Living the psychedelic dream in the Piedmont. Yeah buddy.

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