Venues Of Note



LoppenA very charming venue that is placed at the well-known Christiania. Their program always includes GOOD bands from around the world, and it’s mostly visited by alternative music lovers. They always book bands before they break through and become well-known.


VegaMaybe the best-sounding venue in Denmark. It’s without a doubt my absolute favorite place to enjoy a concert. The place contains a big venue (1,500) and a small one (500). This is the place where bigger names get to perform live.


Photo via venue's site

This is the venue where I’ve spent most of my weekends since I moved to Copenhagen. It has a very punk-ish kind of vibe. Their program is not as good as some of the other venues in Copenhagen, but sometimes they manage to pull some pretty good names into their program. The sound is also very good, loud and tight, and then they have a dance floor filled with good late ’80s and early ’90s music. Very corny in a way, but you’re also guaranteed a good party.

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