Bands To Watch

We Were Born Canaries

The band consists of Jakob Steen (producer) and Stine Grøn (singer), and their debut album is set to be released in Denmark in April, but I also have my fingers crossed that their album will be released outside of the Danish borders. If you’re into bands such as Broadcast, Feist, Sparklehorse and Cocteau Twins this will please your ears and heart. I can’t really recommend this album enough. Album of the year, 2012?


Cody have been a part of the Danish music scene for several years, and they’ve also toured Europe and the U.S. All songs are written by Kaspar Kaae, but live the band consists of seven talented musicians. The genre is alternative folk with post-rock elements. Reminds me a bit of Mogwai, Bonnie Prince Billy, 16 Horsepower and Low. I love their calmness and heart-warming songwriting, and then they’re one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live.

Waldo And Marsha

This band consists of eight very young Danish dudes in the ages between 19-21. A very new and young band. They were the support act for Sleep Party People on some parts of our Denmark tour, and I instantly fell in love with their sound, which is very ’90s-ish. They sound like a good blend between the Stone Roses, Brian Jonestown Massacre, My Bloody Valentine and the Beatles. Not bad! This band has a very interesting and bright future ahead. I’m a fan!

From Sarah

This band has only been around for a year or so. And in that year they managed to release an EP and an album. They’re pretty productive if you ask me. Their sound is at times very intimate and fragile, but they can also play songs that would fit into an arena although they’re only a three-piece-band. Their sound is pretty similar to Midlake and Radiohead, but they still have their very own charm and sound, and David’s vocal and lyrics are really intense in the best possible way.


HellraisertenLet me introduce you to one of my absolute favorite Danish bands. Consisting of Jacob Høegh and Jonas Djernes. I think their debut album was released back in 2009 in Denmark and in Germany, and it received some very good reviews all over. Now they’re ready to release their second album, which I’ve heard a billion times. As I said before I really dig their sound, which has a resemblance to Sparklehorse, Mercury Rev, the Notwist and the Flaming Lips. You can actually listen to their full-length debut album on Hellraiserten’s Soundcloud. Dig in.

Axes by HellraiserTen

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