Sleep Party People, Christian Klintholm

Photo by Christian Klintholm

In Scene Report, musicians from all over the globe fill us in on what’s going on sonically in their hometowns. This week Sleep Party People‘s Brian Batz gives the scoop on Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sleep Party People – Chin by lightfiction

After several years where Denmark only was known for having Aqua as our musical export trademark, we’ve finally broken the evil spell. In fact Denmark is sounding better than ever before, and the scene is very international sounding. It’s mainly the more alternative music scene that gets the attention outside of Denmark, which is very well deserved. I think the reason behind this is the Danish acts have given up on trying to be played on the Danish national radio and to tour the country because, to be honest, Denmark hasn’t got a big enough audience for this kind of music. And maybe that’s just a good thing because then we don’t have to please anyone or aim our music to be played on the radio.

No, we can be creative on a whole new level, and instead of aiming on Denmark, we can skip that part and hope to break through outside of Denmark. And that’s really what happens right now. All the alternative and weird bands get signed on labels such as Bella Union and 4AD and other really great and worldwide well-known labels. The evil spell is broken, and the future seems really bright for Danish musical export. No more Aqua, please. :)

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