Venues Of Note



Logan’s is a dark, local’s type bar just outside of the downtown area. It smells great, and people go here to get wasted. Sometimes you can see those types of bands with flaming cowboy hats and goatees, but if you’re lucky you’ll see Frog Eyes or Himalayan Bear. A bartender once told me that we bring in the worst tipping crowd.

The Ratshack

I’m not supposed to say the real name of the Ratshack, but it’s an art space that’s been around for a number of years now and hosted the early days of groups like Wolf Parade, the Unicorns and Black Mountain. Or something like that. Before you go you should know, there are NO ins and outs, but there is a very smoky smoking room full of smokers. I’m sure of that. No website.


We used to have a house/venue called the Ramp that after a couple of years got completely destroyed in a final blast of partying by the infamous Robert Dinnino. Dinnino, hungry for more, decided to get his own house that was recently destroyed by the cops at a show. Saying THE Boneyard is not cool. No website.

Post-Show Hangs


Sauce Restaurant

After shows everyone in Victoria loves to go to Sauce Restaurant. The locals pronounce it Saws. My favorite thing to order is the Crème’ Deux Ouef, which comes splattered with Coca-Cola and garnished with local shrubs. The pulled pooch-meat sandwich is a favorite with the fedora crowd and comes with a free one as a to-go box. A friend once ate the fedora and wound up wearing the sandwich out for brunch.
There are also some pizza places.