Bands Worth Watching


Iceberg Ferg

Iceberg Ferg breaks everyone’s hearts when he plays a rare set. He’s got some John Fahey finger-style guitar thing going, and other times he just plays piano jams. His falsetto sounds a bit like that Canned Heat dude in “Going Up The Country.” His songs are so good. Only four CDs of his music exist, and he gave them all to his family for Christmas. If you want one, you gotta email his mom.

Freak Heat Waves

Freak Heat Waves play dark post-punk with occasional krautrock trips. The singer is incredibly tall, and the bass player is quite short. This causes a weird optical illusion when they play where the drummer appears to be consistently moving towards you and simultaneously stretching outwards. I think they might have moved to New York? I hope not.

Open Relationship

I heard Ian Davies is playing bass for Open Relationship now since Karmin had a baby. Congratulations, Karmin! This band makes you feel like a square. How could you go wrong when Lady DP is on the mic?

Hundy Thou

Gravelly voiced party-rappers who sometimes rap about food. There used to be twins, but one of them left, and now there’s just one twin, and that’s cool, but it’s also cool to watch twin rappers!


Babysitter is three long-haired guys who play raunchy lo-fi wanky shit. There’s a bunch of grunting and yelping, and people in Vancouver love them. No one comes to their shows in Victoria. I know this because whenever I ask how their show went, they say, “Cool, but no one was there,” then they go over to Vancouver where other people in leather jackets live, and they somehow sell out of tapes.

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