Post-Show Hangs


Tobita Hyakuban

Photo via Tobita Hyakuban’s site

I recommend Tobita Hyakuban. This restaurant is not close to the venues, but it’s fun to have a party.


Musicians usually like reasonable price and delicious foods place to eat. “Izakaya” type restaurants are useful:


Teriyaki chicken and various small dishes.


Various small dishes.


Photo via Osaka Ohsho

Ohsho is a reasonable and delicious Chinese restaurant. “Gyoza” Chinese dumplings are popular.

Osaka Food

For Osaka food, I recommend Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki. You’ll find good Okonomiyaki at Botejyu. You can eat Takoyaki at Izakaya bars too, but it’s not so good. You should eat at Takoyaki shops like Wanaka.