Post-Show Hangs

El Califa

Flickr photo by Simon Smith

Traditionally in Mexico the thing to do after a show or party is to go and get tacos, and El Califa is my favorite place to do that. Their rib-eye taco is great, and I love their bean soup. If you are sleepy but you still want to keep partying, they have great coffee.

Au Pied De Cochon

If you want something a little more high end after a show, you can go to Au Pied De Cochon. It serves all the traditional French food like French onion soup, and the best part is that it is open 24 hours.


After a show if you don’t want to stop partying you can go to Leonor, which is a very small but very cool nightclub. Inside it is relaxed and hassle-free. You don’t need to get dressed up, and the DJs are really good.

Check out Ximena Sariñana here.