Venues Of Note

Club Bbang

Club Bbang - Flickr photo by redslmdr

Club Bbang is a straight-shooting live club where the who’s who among Korea’s indie bands have all performed at some point during the venue’s illustrious 10-year history.

Salon Badabie

Salon Badabie is a special cultural space where musicians play concerts, artists hold exhibitions and poets recite their works. It’s the epitome of an “artist-friendly” place. Bands are always hanging out there to record and work on their music.

Club Ta

Club Ta is a very hippie, sonic cave where many special project concerts are staged because its surroundings draw out natural sounds that magnetically draw audiophile audiences. Plus, people like to jockey for their randomly scattered seating arrangements.

Post-Show Hangs

Tong Ken Tong Kalbi BBQ offers two floors of mouth-watering Korean-style BBQ. As the owners are musicians too, they make sure no one is a starving artist. Make sure to order the pork BBQ for less than $10. If you’ve got a big group of people, head to Chicken And Grill, located near Sanwoolim Theater. It is open until 4 a.m. and gives excellent “service” (in Korean, “service” is synonymous with free food!). In order to get the true flavor of Hongdae, Kitchen And Godard is the H-Spot. Besides an encyclopedic knowledge of music, the owner has great taste in music as well. 
Lastly, there’s Bar Sha. Owned and operated by the lead singer/vocalist of the alt-rock band Huckleberry Finn, Bar Sha has a unique selection of rare draft beers and even rarer music classics. The place is practically the unofficial green room for many Korean indie bands looking to kick back after a show.

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