Bands Worth Watching

Ankle Attack

Ankle Attack is a hard-rocking trio whose highly energetic chemistry during live shows can trigger a chain reaction of all-night headbanging. Although Ankle Attack has yet to release its own full-blown album, you can check out the group’s self-produced, self-titled Ankle Attack EP from 2009 and its appropriately labelled 2011 joint compilation, Split, with Bamseom Pirates.


In the category for kickass bands, a star is born! Telefly is so fly no one can resist the urge to shake their booty to the group’s infectious dance beats. Telefly is a super fun-loving band we are keeping tabs on as it is currently putting the finishing touches on its debut album.


Electronic music that is somewhere in between dancing and chilling, Trampauline may not shake car stereos. If anything, the band’s soothing sounds are perfect for bike riding and smiling at drive-by scenery. Following up on its 2008 debut, Trampauline is in the process of 
releasing its sophomore effort any day now. 


Daydream is an inception that kicks punk energy with post-rock narratives. Despite not being active since its first album, 2008′s A Land Of April, we are looking forward to Daydream’s next album with eyes wide shut. 

Besides the aforementioned fab four bands, we also have to put in a loud shout-out to Galaxy Express and Idiotape, two bands we roadtripped with during the 2K11 SEOULSONIC North American tour this past March. Also, we have to toss in special honorable mentions to Atombook, Ironic Hue and 9namguayeoridingstella

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