Bands Worth Watching

Women With Kitchen Appliances

I want to start with the most extreme of the bands I’ve come to hear in Montreal. This band is exactly what its name says. The avant-garde use of everyday objects as musical instruments is something I really appreciate. Also, the provocative aspect of Women With Kitchen Appliances’ performances is something quite rare nowadays, sadly.

Misteur Valaire

I discovered these guys last year and find the comical aspect of their music very appealing. Misteur Valaire’s renewal of hip-hop beats and scratches blends in perfectly with the electronic aura of its performance.

Ruckus Fo’Tet

Ruckus Fo’Tet is a student band that plays mostly jazz/funk. The group performs in houses and bars regularly. I must say that its efforts to blend jazz with hip-hop, performing with rapper MC Milla Thyme, is very characteristic of the innovative state of mind that Montreal reflects.

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