In Scene Report, musicians from all over the globe fill us in on what’s going on sonically in their hometowns. This week Valentin Stip gives the scoop on Montreal, Canada.

I’ve lived in Montreal for two years now, and the music scene is so diverse and lively that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what is going on. Nevertheless, the people are very open-minded and come from everywhere in the world, due to the great number of colleges present. Therefore, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you like somewhere around town. Having walked quite a few hundred blocks, here’s what I discovered.

The scene in Montreal is diverse. Some places have fancy bouncers making sure you’ve got enough money to at least buy a bottle once you get inside, while others just make sure that the atmosphere and the music are at their best for the crowds. The gap is pretty big, but both scenes don’t interfere too much with each other, or so I find.

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