Post-Show Hangs


Photo via Cheers' website

What a place. 24 hour bar service. 17 big screen TVs. Wi-fi internet. And a bunch of British people yelling at each other about things. Catch John Hassell here on any given morning of the week checking under the pool table for spare coinage.

Randall Street Tech Den

Open all hours, and run by a fun young couple, the Randall Street Tech Den is Surry Hills’ latest hot spot for open-minded electronic music fans. Whether it’s a night for the Ding Dong Dangs, or a discussion about the latest trends in music, the Tech Den has it all—along with a soundtrack of the latest rhythms and sub music the world has to offer. Situated on top of Central Station’s Mills Art Gallery, the Den is party, arty and darty.

Paddington Frat House

This is the spot for those who aren’t happy when the DJ spins his last 140bpm-er. The Frat House is a late night party joint run by a young group of DJs and producers. In-house DJ Bouchard provides the opening slot each afternoon, while Bong Mongrel Mackay mixes the punch. The venue also boasts a flat screen TV with all 47 Foxtel channels in high definition.