Venues Of Note:


This is the most legendary Finnish venue ever. Playing there for the first time still feels like a landmark for most bands. Also, whenever hot foreign acts feel like showing up in Finland, Tavastia is the place. The live room sounds amazing, which, unfortunately, is not that usual for venues anymore.

Kuudes Linja

Photo by Katerina Andonov

A smallish and cozy venue in the heart of Kallio district, the Kreuzberg of Helsinki, Kuudes Linja hosts a variety of indie, electro and left-field club nights with regular live acts. This is probably the closest you can get to Berlin in Helsinki, although the people behind the bar might not always be as friendly as their German colleagues—but never mind that. Just grab a dash of cranberry vodka and crash the green room.


Also located in Kallio district, Lepakkomies (“Batman,” respectively) combines a venue hosting upcoming talents with a more traditional Finnish beer slacker house. While listening to alcohol-fueled punk rock and enjoying cheap drinks, you must beware of the possibility of being puked on by the moonshine punks right next to you. Thumbs up anyway.


This little art gallery/venue is a very special one. Right there in the middle of paintings, posters and handcrafted T-shirts, you may occasionally spot a happening of some kind. It might be a cross-art performance, an electro duo or a post-rock collective. No matter what, the experience will truly be a unique one.

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