Bands Worth Watching:


Photo by Kai Kuusisto

This seemingly loose and, unfortunately, rather unproductive—or just perfectionist—electro-dub-hip hop-whatever collective is one of my all-time favorite Finnish bands. Imagine Rhythm And Sound meeting Pole meeting minimal techno and hazy spoken word and you still won’t get close. Amazing. Make sure to check out the Ö EP, released in 2005 (still being Ceebrolistics’ latest “official” release).

Magenta Skycode

A band incarnation of a local Finnish hero, producer and music mastermind Jori Sjöroos, Magenta Skycode has been playing its ethereal and layered, dreamy indie pop for a few years now. Influenced by the original post-punk movement and new-wave indie pop and with two albums up its sleeve, Magenta Skycode has become one of the most established and watched indie acts in Finland at the moment. Seems like everybody is holding their breath just waiting for the band to be noticed abroad as well.


Photo by Mikko Kauppinen

A group of young men playing guitar-oriented indie rock with a tasty twist of quirky keyboards, stoned-haze-like walls of distortion and feedback and sweet pop melodies—just how could you not like them? With only two EPs released so far, Neufvoin is one of the most potential-filled bands bubbling under the Finnish indie scene right now. The word goes around that the group is about to start recording its debut album any day now.

Belle Who

Photo by Kimmo Syväri

For a well-known Finnish actress named Malla Malmivaara, Belle Who is both a stage persona and a live band consisting of six people. Rumors say her second album will be somewhat more electro-style than the perhaps more traditional-band-sound-oriented debut, now leaning more on her British counterparts like the disco diva Róisín Murphy or Bat For Lashes.

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