Bands Worth Watching

Young Dreams

A bunch of guys playing in a bunch of bands gathered here in one. They are so talented that we almost get jealous, and their sound is just beautiful. They sound so good live that you start wondering if it’s playback.


Best live band we know! We were on a tour with these guys in April and were at their concerts every day for two-and-a-half weeks—never boring!

Fjorden Baby!

These guys have a unique new wave sound, and the onstage performance fits good with that. It’s hard to explain it with words; you have to see it yourself.

John Olav Nilsen Og Gjengen

Honest music and lyrics that hit you right in the face even if you’re in the back of the concert. The vocalist reaches out to everyone, and you get a kick out of it.

Death By Unga Bunga

The only band on our list that isn’t from Bergen. But we really think they’re one of the best bands in Norway, if not one of the best bands of today. Their ’60s rock sound is just plain cool and even cooler onstage. Why aren’t these guys world famous?

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