Bands Worth Watching:


Somewhat new to the scene over the last couple of years, this group is kind of like your favorite old pair of jeans: nothing too flash or fancy, no mad surprises but always reliable, feel-good and homey.

Fat Freddy’s Drop

The classic FFD has blazed an international trail for NZ that no one has yet surpassed. The real wonder of it is how the band did it while staying independent. The slow-brewing sound, with gradual layers upon layers over extended grooves, is one of the hallmarks of the Wellington scene.

Eru Dangerspiel

A testament to the communal-ness of the Wellington music collective, Eru Dangerspiel is coordinated and conducted by drummer Riki Gooch, the wild man in the safari getup in this YouTube clip. The 40-odd-piece band features pretty much everyone who can play an instrument in NZ.

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