Venues Of Note

Our choices for venues and afterparties are pretty exclusive to Northeast Philly, but they’re the places we hang out most!

Dream Oven

A hot and steamy DIY basement space in the Fishtown/Kensington area. You must ride the city’s psychedelic punk waves to arrive at its top-secret location: 2012 Ethereal Drive. Suggestion: Look out for a bunch of sweaty people in tattered leather and pretty lipstick having a smoke on the sidewalk. Since the Ox (a staple in Philly’s venue offerings) was shut down, Dream Oven has done a kick-ass job continuing where the Ox left off. Run by members of Acid Kicks, whoever’s booking shows there knows how to find a rad mix of local and touring acts, recently including the likes of Creepoid, Far-Out Fangtooth, Hot Guts, Teen Dreams, MMOSS, Primary Colors, BRANES and, of course, Acid Kicks.

Kung Fu Necktie

Flickr photo by Peter Radocaj

If you ask what the Philly music scene is in a nutshell, KFN is the nutshell. It’s all local DJs, popular Philly bands and touring acts that have most likely been to Pitchfork and back. Not my favorite place to go regularly, but know you can count on their calendar having a few killer nights each month. To make your experience even more super, Yumtown has begun setting up on KFN’s curbside to feed all the hungry beer drinkers pulled-pork sandwiches, homemade ice cream, raspberry iced tea—need I say more?

Johnny Brenda’s

Flickr photo by Michele Schaffer

JB’s combs the blogs and picks out the best of the bands to book. They get acts from all corners of the world, including (just in the past few months) Group Doueh, Acid Mother’s Temple and Omar Souleyman, as well as some of North America’s top game. You’ll catch local acts here, as well, and it ain’t DIY—it’s a whole new way to hear our neighbors’ bands.

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