Bands Worth Watching


Great Jesus And Mary Chain shoegaze, cool boys with black clothes. The band was formed in the fall of 2012, and after great success with two demos on YouTube, the boys decided to record a 4-track EP with Joakim Lindberg from MF/MB/ as producer. The EP is called Bloodline and due to release June 12, 2014.

Alice Boman

Her voice is amazing! The best voice in Malmö! Just listen and close your eyes. This is what Adrian Recordings write on their website: “Adrian Recordings just had an intense spring with a lot of releases and had no plans on signing anything new. Then a local sound engineer from Studio Möllan gave us a record with Alice which he thought we should listen to. We did, and time just stopped.”

Hey Elbow

A new band in town. We haven’t seen them live yet, but they sound very nice and jazzy.


Summer, skateboard, slacker boys pop.


Power/energy band with two drummers.

Technicolor Poets

Psychedelic hippie band, very good live!

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