Bands Worth Watching

Hot At Nights

The Hot At Nights (Raleigh, NC) is the group of guitarist/producer Chris Boerner. Boerner plays guitar on our records and in our live band, and he mixed and mastered our current live CD/DVD, Dear Friends: An Evening With The Foreign Exchange, a recording of an acoustic full-band performance that took place earlier this year in Durham, NC. In his own group, he plays eight-string guitar (!) alongside Matt Douglas on woodwinds and Nick Baglio on drums. They play melodic instrumental jazz with a heavy groove.

Here’s the band performing a cover of Radiohead’s “House Of Cards.”

Jeanne Jolly

This beautiful and talented singer/songwriter recently released her new EP, Falling In Carolina, produced by the aforementioned Chris Boerner. It was one of those rare occasions of love upon first listen for me. Her sound is somewhere between folk and country—right where it needs to be. She has been touring with us recently and is an incredible addition to our live lineup.

Here’s Jolly performing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”


I have to shout out the Rosebuds because the band is from Wilmington, NC, which is where I live. I really like the latest record called Loud Planes Fly Low. The Rosebuds is currently on tour with Bon Iver.

More artists to watch: the Love Language, Chatham County Line

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