Venues Of Note


Nasa - Flickr photo by loranger

This is one of the nicest “big” venues in Reykjavík, and it works as such. We’ve had more than one sweaty dance party experience there.


Cafe Rósenberg - Flickr photo by loranger

Has live music most nights of the week and focuses mostly on jazz, blues, folk, troubadours and stuff like that. You can also have a nice meal and drink beer or even sparkling water.


It’s a nice venue for a bar because it actually has a stage.


It’s a nice middle-sized venue, so you can expect bands that are playing there for the first time and also mature bands. You can hear all kinds of music, and one can even expect a smaller foreign act.


A nice small bar venue where you can expect to see bands take their first steps. So you might be in for a pleasant surprise.

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