Venues Of Note

Springwater Supper Club - Flickr photo by rebeccaseung

The Mercy Lounge is always a good place to see larger touring bands, and Springwater Supper Club is where to go to get dirty. If you want to really catch the vibe of what’s going on in Nashville right now, go to Foobar.Too, the venue attached to our favorite local bar. Shorty at the bar will pour ‘em long and strong, they have different DJs every night, and it’s a great place to catch up with all your friends who you haven’t realized have been gone on the road for two months.

Post-Show Hangs

Mas Tacos - Flickr photo by daveoratox

If he’ll keep it open for you (depends on his mood), Dino‘s is a favorite—beer out of mason jars, old country on the jukebox. Edgefield is good for a chat, and there’s smoking indoors, if you like a cig with your baseball game and Hank Williams. Foobar’s always my favorite though—great patio, great tunes, great people. Foobar also stays open late, and they have hot dogs! Otherwise I’d suggest locating Mas Tacos (follow them on Twitter) for a late night taco treat, as well as Fat Mo’s for a burger. They’ve even got a veggie option.

Check out the Ettes here.