Venues Of Note

Circolo Magnolia

During recent years, Milan suffered the closing of many of its historic concert venues like Rainbow Club, Rolling Stones and Musicdrome. Luckily some proactive guys started Circolo Magnolia, the very best spot for alternative music in Milan. With both indoor and outdoor stages, the club offers up to six nights of concerts, events and DJ sets each week. This is the location for the best festivals in town during the summer such as Rockit Mi Ami (name stands for Musica Importante A Milano), Miodi in June and Magnolia Parade in September.


Another recent summer venue on the Milan scene, Carroponte hosts concerts almost every night from late May to September on its two outdoor stages. The post-industrial site is great, and the music selection is really good.


Two years ago the city council tried to close this squat in the Navigli area, and a lot of people protested against its closure. A very important counterculture spot (the site also houses a radical bookstore and a punk-oriented publishing association), Cox18 hosts underground, hardcore and avant-garde concerts, independent movie projection, political debates, live readings and more. Please support it!


This huge, historical, industrial squat in northern Milan is a very rough venue offering a wide variety of underground activities. With four indoor stages ranging from 100- to 6,000-people capacity Leoncavallo is hosting some of the biggest events in the city like raves, reggae, electro nights and rock concerts. As the offer is changing a lot night by night and the place is not in the center of the city, double check what’s on before you go.

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