Bands Worth Watching

Miku Hatsune

Miku is the first symbol character of the Vocaloid application. This is written by popular creator/producer Supercell. Many creators are using Vocaloid to write their own original songs, then they upload at Nico Nico Douga or their personal websites. Recently Miku did a live show, with music playing on stage and a synchronized computer graphic of Miku singing and dancing on screen.

To me it is shocking because it seems that human beings can’t accept delusion and desire of people, but a man-made imaginary character does. Miku shows us a possibility of imaginary character. This is the forefront of Japanese culture.

Sound Horizon

Brainchild of Revo, who calls himself king and lord, Sound Horizon is originally from the doujin-ongaku field. They have a great success on the commercial level in the major music scene. Their work is sort of a storyteller concept album. They express themselves as a traveling kingdom, and to attend their show is recognized as entry into their kingdom. Their live show is played at bigger theaters or even at arenas, more than 60 people acting like a musical.

Kishida Kyoudan And The Akeboshi Rockets

They began to play as touhou arrange (means arranged cover song of computer game music) then write their own original songs to play on a commercial level. To swallow both doujin-ongaku and popular music, their live show is in a rock manner pretty much. They remind me of a new generation of otaku culture.

Yasushi Ishii

This song is written and contributed as a closer theme to the animation movie called Darker Than Black: Kuro No Keiyakusha—Gaiden along with other soundtracks. He sang and played all the instruments. On animation movie, footage is principal of course though this song will catch you despite that it is just a soundtrack. Good music will always grab people’s ears and hearts unconsciously.

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