Venues Of Note:

Corp Banca Centro Cultural

Located in La Castellana, this is a nice theater that is actually two rooms in one, and you can enable one or both, depending on how big the show is. It holds almost 450 people in total, it has great sound, and it’s always an option if you want to sit down and enjoy a band without staying up until 4 a.m. and arriving at home smelling like hell.

Discovery Bar

There are a few venues in Caracas to go see a live show. I think Discovery is my favorite. It’s on an accessible zone (El Rosal), and, speaking as a musician, it has improved a lot in the past few years in terms of equipment, sound, stage and backstage. I don’t drink alcohol, but I’ve heard the drinks here are slightly cheaper than at most venues. The downside: The resident DJs always play terrible music that never has anything to do with the bands that are going to play.

El Teatro Bar

This is the latest trendy venue, the place everyone wants to go and every band wants to play. And while it doesn’t have the best sound, El Teatro Bar has its own backline equipment, and it’s located in a great part of the city called Las Mercedes. You can be at the room where the bands play live, at the room where DJs are spinning electronic music or just sit outside. What sucks is that bands play really late (this happens in Caracas in general but especially here), the first band almost always starting at 2 in the morning.

Post-Show Hangs:

La Casa Del Llano

After going to shows or going out to party, it’s almost a tradition in Caracas to grab a bite before calling it a night. My favorite choice is arepas, and here they make very tasty ones. You can have them filled with a variety of Venezuelan cheese, meat, roasted pork leg, black beans, chicken and a bunch of other ingredients. You can accompany that with a fresh tropical fruit juice, and they also sell booze if you want to keep the party going. They also sell more things like pizzas and other Venezuelan dishes.

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