Venues Of Note

Katarameno Syndromo

Photo taken from Katarameno Syndromo's Myspace

A genuinely fun place to see shows. K/S is run by people who really care about music, having fun and treat the bands with respect. Never a dull moment.

Vinyl Microstore

This is actually a record store but also a really good place to see shows. Every year it hosts a festival called Yuria that new, fresh bands play. Really relaxed atmosphere and amazing selection of records. A good place to learn about shows going on around town too. The owner is not that bad either.

Post-Show Hangs

Photo taken from Pop's Facebook

Venues here usually have no curfew, so you normally continue partying there. Pop is a hangout where you can listen to a lot of good music.

Check out Acid Baby Jesus here, and catch the band when it tours North America in September and October in support of its debut LP on Slovenly.