Post-Show Hangs



Photo via Beulahland’s site

I love this place ’cause it’s in my neighborhood. It’s a great bar ’cause they have cheap, good bar food that you can eat till late. Sometimes they have a video night where you can request music videos to be projected onto the wall! It’s open till 2 a. m.

Horse Brass Pub

Photo via Horse Brass Pub’s site

This is my favorite bar in Portland ’cause they have the best selection of beer. They have tons! The food is good too. They have typical British pub food, like fish and chips, etc. They are open till 2 a.m.


Photo via Le Bistro Montage’s Facebook

This place is a Portland classic. The atmosphere is very unique and odd. The food is creole style, and if you get leftovers, they wrap them up in tin foil in the shape of an animal. My favorite is the spicy mac. The best part is that they are open till 4 a.m.!