Bands Worth Watching

Old Light

Old Light is a band that likes to rock, and they sure do rock the fuck out. These guys have two drummers, for god’s sake. They rock out in their basement studio where they record themselves live on tape and make kick-ass recordings like the ones found here. The band is led by Garth Klippert who moved to Portland from San Francisco. Garth is a musical genius if I ever saw one. When not playing with Old Light, he’s been known to play an array of instruments ranging from baritone saxophone to organ. The man also has a mean set of pipes on him and can hit some killer falsetto harmonies. The rest of the band is Todd Roper on drums and backup vocals, Patrick Finn on bass and Scott DeMay on drums (and keyboard occasionally).

They are a band that captures things raw and real in a moment. They jam out but with just the right amount of jam. Garth played baritone sax, trumpet and sang backup vocals on our newest record, Untamed Beast, and he was a pleasure to have in the studio. He also introduced me to tons of cool music like Sonny And The Sunsets, Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees.

Sons Of Huns

This band rocks hard. I think this article in the local Portland paper Willamette Week, sums up the band pretty well. I was pretty happy to see that the band got picked as one of Portland’s best new bands in 2012, especially since we voted for them. It’s nice to see Portland branching out and embracing different types of music other than your typical “indie folk” music. I first heard about the band when our friend Matt Ross was raving about them. I finally made it out to a show of theirs and was convinced. Matt Ross is the same friend that shot our music videos for “I Swear” and “Party Kids.” He also made a video for Sons Of Huns, which kicks ass!


I love this band because of their lush harmonies, catchy melodies and because they have a timeless sound that sounds old because it’s just too good to be new. Frontman Tim Perry used to play in another band called Pseudosix, but the band broke up and Tim started AgesandAges as a fresh project. They were voted one of Portland’s best new bands in 2011 (we voted for them of course), and apparently Obama said they were one of his favorite new bands!

Their awesome record, Alright You Restless, was released on Knitting Factory Records, which is a sister label to our label, Partisan Records. I’m hoping they will be putting out another sweet record in 2013!

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