Bands Worth Watching


This band is great friends with the Soulphonics, often borrowing members for tours and sharing song ideas. Atlanta is a very collaborative environment, so bands often “band” together. We are fortunate to support the Constellations and their new release, Do It For Free, and even more fortunate to have their support of the Soulphonics. Their sound is psychedelic soul rock, so it fits well with our sound. Plus they have worked with Cee Lo so you know they got it funky and right. We heart Cee Lo and the Constellations.

Noot D Noot

Noot D Noot does not sound like your average ATL band. They bring the funk like an old-school ’70s “good cop gone bad” flick soundtrack. They are seriously funky, and it’s always a party whenever we play with them. They just put out a mixtape called Time Release and have another album out called From Ever Since. They are seriously bad ass and have been making music in ATL about as long as the Soulphonics and myself.


Bosco band makes intensely sublime, introspective and emotionally charged music. They have been one of the hardest working bands in Atlanta, and their hard work is paying off. Bosco has just finished a tour throughout the U.S., but she and her band do not sleep. Made of a collective of artists, DJs and musicians, they are constantly pushing the creative envelope. Bosco herself, as a talented multi-media artist, likes to represent the finest in ATL and just finished a comp card series of designs highlighting the movers and shakers of ATL. She is a constant inspiration to me and our music, and I am honored to call her a friend.

Blair Crimmins And The Hookers

When you go to a Blair Crimmins And The Hookers show you pretty much will never be the same again. Their blend of ’20-’40s ragtime and New Orleans soul is intoxicating. Doesn’t hurt to have a full-fledged cabaret on stage with you as well. This band has really made a name for itself over the years, and we are always pleased to share the stage with them. Blair and I have discussed switching bands for a night so it could be “Ruby Velle And The Hookers” with “Blair Crimmins And The Soulphonics”…we will see. Anyway, Blair and his band keep it real, authentic and just plain fun. We salute their throwback style because they do it well.

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