Venues Of Note


The main electronic festival in Southern Italy actually is Flussi. A nice venue on the rooftop of the theatre of Avellino, a city 50km from Pompeii placed between the mountains in the middle of Campania area.

Neapolis Festival

Neapolis FestivalThe huge rock festival in Southern Italy is the stage for the most important live acts from all over the world. Till the last year the festival has been presented in Napoli, but this year they moved the location to Giffoni, a city close Salerno.

Ferro 3

It is like an apartment on the first floor of an old building. With its big balcony in the city of Scafati, it is one of the most well frequented clubs. Its focus is on video art and experimental music. Last winter it held a nice festival with Italian and European artists like Netherworld, Andy Guhl, Gianluca Becuzzi, Pietro Riparbelli and many others.


An old industrial structure actually is the most important place where the laboratory of art, music shows and theatre takes place.

WEDO Creative Lab

A laboratory of creativity, retro style and recycling stuff. It is a small place in Torre Annunziata, one of the oldest maritime cities in the gulf of Naples.

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