Bands Worth Watching


Shak And Speares

Shak And Speares formed in 2011. They don’t yet have an official release, but they’re soon to be acclaimed in Italy, playing good indie pop with a punk-folk attitude.


Heidseck aka Matter (Fabrizio Matrone) is an electronic artist born in Scafati, next to Pompeii, but now living in Bologna. He’s extremely involved in drone and electronic experimentalism.

Melke, Fuksia And Moise

Melke, Fuksia and Moise are three young guys running their own electronic projects, mostly influenced by the European electronic stuff.

Along with all these artists the scene is wide and varied with lot of bands and DJs going on: Freak Opera, Psychodeus, Jano’s Head, Ananda, Droworld, Batacoto, Bialogard, etc.

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