Bands Worth Watching


Aside from being the best at charades, beatmaker and singer Marie-Hélène Delorme creates amazing electro-pop songs with fresh sounds, catchy melodies and heavy beats. Check her out before she explodes.

Capitaine Soldat

Instrumental/orchestral hip-hop mixed with old soundtracks of famous mid-century French-Canadian vocals. Really interesting textures, beautiful melodies and intense beats make these powerful tracks. Super easy to listen to, but very complex when you start digging into the multiple layers the album has to offer. Capitaine (who is also an amazing visual artist) is currently working on his next album which he says will be darker.

Pierre Lapointe

This guy’s musical universe is insane. The way he incorporates visuals to tweak your listening experience is so witty. He is one of Quebec’s huge pop-stars that doesn’t compromise artistically and likes working on the edge, and goes all out for artists (musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, etc.) that inspire him.


Creative DJ that makes tracks that just go straight to the heart and stomach, and make you smile and dance. For his most recent project, Bravizilian, he samples hundreds of ’70s psychedelic rock, funk, bossa and live jam albums from Brazil and makes a unique and fresh electro-hip hop sound. Still, his song Love Loop is the best ever.

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