Venues Of Note



Photo taken from Vega's Facebook

The best venue in Copenhagen is without a doubt Vega. The capacity is around 1,500-2,000; I’m not sure exactly, but it is still one of the biggest venues in Copenhagen. The sound there is almost always good, and their equipment as well. The room is all wood and very beautiful. The size and the way it is built makes it almost impossible not to have the feel of an intimate concert even though it’s sold out. I have experienced some very great performances there and even greater from the stage. If only every artist who has a show in Denmark could play at Vega.


Photo taken from Rust's website

OK so I have to put this venue down. This place used to be really cool way back until like a couple of years ago. It is very small and turns into a nightclub after the shows. This venue is mostly for upcoming Danish artists, but sometimes they book surprisingly cool foreign acts. The reason why I put this venue down is not so much because of their music scene but because of the backstage area! I have had some of the most fun parties up there. When you perform at Rust you know the party will be in your backstage. There is a code on the door for the artist only, but throughout the night it seems like the whole club knows it, or at least all the band’s friends and their friends too. Free booze and you’re allowed to smoke—or maybe you’re not?

Christianshavns Baadudlejning

Photo taken from Christianshavns Baadudlejning's website

This is not a real venue but the essence of Copenhagen. It is a restaurant on the canals in Christianshavn. They have live music once a week during the summertime, so while people eat (really good food) they can also enjoy the music, which is usually a really good Danish artist. The cool thing about this place is that people will gather all around from all sides of the canal to listen. Some will bring their own wine and food, and some will just accidentally drop by and hang. Since the concerts are only during the summertime, the sun won’t go down until 10 or 11 p.m., so these nights can be magical. And free!

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