Bands Worth Watching

When Saints Go Machine

Very good electronic indie. You should just listen.

Liv Lykke

She probably has the best voice in DK in my opinion. Creme de la creme. She is also a very talented writer and currently working on her solo album, which I am very exited to hear. Hopefully she will write something in English so you all can understand.

Shaque Lilli

When we often claim that Denmark is not a country of soul or R&B music, it is not quite true. This girl def got soul. I totally love her voice and her R&B phrasings. She does it in a very classy and modern way. I am very curious to hear her new album coming out very soon I think.

Oh No Ono

These guys are super talented. Their latest album has a ´60s psychedelic sound. It’s really well done, and all of their music is super well produced. These guys are def something to be proud of in Denmark.

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